How do I add myself as Admin?

In our inital email saying your server was successfully set up, there is a line "TS3 Admin Token".

Copy this to your clipboard, then open your Teamspeak 3 client click "Permissons" > "Use Privilege Key".

Paste the token and you will have full admin access.  * Note this token can only be used once, you can generate a new toke by logging in to our Voice/Game Server Panel

Login to the Game/Voice Server control panel.

Teamspeak Browser > Tokens > New Token

TC Admin New Token for Teamspeak 3

Fill in a description, ie. Server Admin > Save.

TC Admin New Token for Teamspeak 3

Copy & Paste the token into your TeamSpeak client.

You cannot use this token to give other users admin access, you need an admin to make other users admin.

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